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of you coming here and give us such a good speech in the middle of the summer. my question would be addressing the china case. based on the panelists' observation of the president's limited record on trade policy, what kind of -- do you think -- what kind of decision do you think the president is going to make on this case? do you think he's going to grant the remedy on this case and why? >> okay. guys, we're away from big principles right to the nitty-gritty. who would like this? >> if i had to guess, i would guess that there is someremedy. but it's really hard. and here's why. i could tell you a story that goes in neither direction. i could say well, they faced a similar conflict when it came to the name china as a currency manipulator. it was repeated, and it was the same conflict between the -- what the chinese government clearly wanted, and he opted to net -- not name china of currency manipulator in april. on the one hand, if you could say that that is really telling us where they're true preferences log. again, they will face similar choices. or you could say that put them
a gun at an officer dies at a local hospital. good morning. i'm andrea roane. thanks for joining us. today is thursday, august 27th. angie goff is here. she will have the traffic update for you. we say good morning to kim martucci and how's the weather? what's danny canning. >> danny boy is in the atlantic ocean churning up a storm and we are keeping one eye on him but i am watching with equal importance a front and i think that will be the thing that brings wet weather this weekend. that is actually good news. i think danny will be too far out to sea to take a direct hit here or get too close to the coast. here's a look at the day at a glance. temperatures in the middle 70s and upper 70s and that was our target at nine. it is happening. mostly sunny skies. approaching the mid-80s. instead of the 90s like yesterday afternoon we will put on the brakes around 88. more clouds will be approaching the area. a frontal system is on top of us but the rain attached to it is behind the front. we will hold off on the rain likely until tomorrow. this is what danny looks like. an enhanced satel
morning 10:00 eastern time. 7:00 a.m. on the west coast. for all of us on the news team, thanks for trusting us for your news and information. mr. bill o'reilly is next. good night. laura: "the o'reilly factor" is on, tonight. >> we need affordable, accessible, health care. that's what he dedicated his life to. in his memory i will do everything i can to help achieve that goal. laura: are democrats using senator ted kennedy's death to push for health care reform. will it hurt or help their cause? >> i believe that the cia's best days are still yet to come. ufer will have my support as you carry on this critical work. laura: but with the attorney general investigating the cia and threatening to prosecute interrogators, some say the administration is waving the white flag in the war on terror. [sirens] and president obama now wants september 11th to be a national day of service. is that the best way to remember the thousands of americans who lost their lives on that day? caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. [captioning made possible by fox
's family said we've lost the irreplaceable center of our family and joy us light in our lives. but the inspiration of his faith, optimism and perseverance will live on in our hearts forever. president obama released a statement saying that the u.s. has lost, quote, the greatest u.s. senator of our time. and massachusetts residents are also more than being the loss. >> it's sad, sad. >> it's an impact for the whole country, especially on the political level. >> reporter: known to his friends and family as teddy, kennedy was a dominant force in the u.s. senate for nearly a half century. as the third longest-serving senator, he put his touch on every major piece of legislation that cleared congress. on capitol hill, the flag is flying at half-staff. kennedy's death will leave a gaping hole in the senate. last week, we learned he asked massachusetts leaders to change the law that regulates how he's replaced. current and state law requires a special election to take place nearly five months after the vacancy. but kennedy wanted the govern to avalentine a temporary replacement in th
for the opportunity to have worked with him in the united states congress as his colleague. i admit, i used to hang on to his t-shirt and his coat sleeve on the capitol when i was just a little boy. so when i got a chance to serve on capitol hill, all i needed to do was set my compass to the principles of his life. my father and i were the primary sponsors of the mental health parity and addiction equity act which was signed in law last year. this bill represented not only a legal victory for 54 million americans with mental illness who are being denied equal health insurance, but as one of those 54 million americans, i felt he was also fighting for me to help ease the burden of stigma and shame that acompanies treatment. i will really miss working with dad. i will miss my dad's wonderful sense of self-deprecating humor. when the far right made dad their poser child for their attack ads he used to say, we kennedys sure bring out the best in people. (laughter) >> and when he first got elected and my cousin joe was a member of congress and i came to congress, dad finally celebrated, saying, finally,
look at the american flag on the u.s. capitol, above the senate chamber, in tribute to senator kennedy, who died last night after a yearlong battle with brain cancer. president obama marker -- remarked this morning about senator kennedy. >> i wanted to say a few words this morning about the passing of an extraordinary leader, senator edward kennedy. over the past few years i have had the honor to call him a colleague, counselor, and friend. even though we knew that this they was coming for some time, we waited it with no small amount of dred. since his diagnosis last year, we have seen the courage with which he battles his illness. these months have led him here, people from every corner of our nation and around the world, showing how much he meant to all of us. despite the opportunities that we were denied when his brothers were taken from us. we were given the blessing of time to say thank you and goodbye. the outpouring of love, gratitude, the fund memories to which we have all borne witness, a way in which this singular figure in american history have touched our lives. these ideal
're on medicare, so maybe i shouldn't use you as a specific example. let's go to how do we guarantee that people get healthcare? what we might be able to do is guarantee that you have access to healthcare insurance, but it goes back to what was stated by dr. farr earlier that if you don't have doctors that are seeing these individuals, if they're not going to take medicare, they're not going to be on the government plan, we have given you the bus ticket without the bus. we have guaranteed access, if you will, because we said, ok, well, you now have insurance but if we haven't fixed the other side of it, which is getting you in the door to see a provider to help you, how have we helped you so, again, to go back to building a system of reform on a system that has failed us here in alaska with medicare, and it goes back to the reimbursement issue, it's just not going to work. we won't be able to guarantee you healthcare. we might be able to guarantee you the card that says you can get there but if you're living in the wrong spot -- >> the gentleman in the second row with the brown shirt and glasses
of this great service, the happy thought emerged to use part of these letters to show the warm and paternal spirit of pope benedict xvi. most holy father, i ask the benefits -- president obama to personally handle this letter to you. as a man of deep faith himself, he understands how important my roman catholic faith is to me and i am so deeply grateful to him. i hope this letter and find you in good health. i pray that you have all of god's blessings as you leave your church and inspire our world during these challenging times. i am writing with deep humility to ask that you pray fit -- that you pray for me as my own health declines. i was diagnosed with brain cancer more than a year ago. although i continue treatment, the disease is taking its toll on me. i am 77 years old and preparing for the next passage of life. i have been blessed to be a part of a wonderful onfamily. my parents kept their catholic faith in the center of their lives. it has sustained and nurtured and provided solace to meet in my darkest hours. i know that i have been an imperfect human being, but with the help of my
>>> tonight on "worldfocus" -- >>> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and u.s. special envoy george mitchel meet to try to solve the thorny issue of jewish settlements in the west bank. can they find common ground? >>> from those trying to broker a peace to stockbrokers hoping to cash in on it. tonight, we take you to the palestinian stock exchange. it may be one of the world's smallest but the dreams are big. >>> in the wake of the world's economic meltdown, we have a special "how they see it" report from britain's itn which questions one of the basic principals of american economics. >>> and the world pays tribute to the passing of senator edward kennedy. >> from the world's leading reporters and analysts, here's what's happening from around the world. this is "worldfocus." made possible in part by the following funders -- major support has also been provided by the peter g. peterson foundation dedicated to promoting fiscal responsibility and addressing key economic challenges facing america's future. >>> good evening. i'm martin savidge. >>> the quest for peace in the midd
. the forecast is coming up next as 11 news continues right now. >> good morning. >> thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> we will get to our big story in just a minute. let's check the weather with sandra shaw. >> is hot outside. we will up to 90 by this afternoon. it is really pretty. we are in the low 70's right now. nothing major going on this morning right now. a dry air mass is over us. 87-91 today. we are well above the normal of 84. we were at 85 yesterday. tonight, partly cloudy, 65-70. by the end of the week, we will cool back down and have a good chance for showers and storms. huang that later. thus check on traffic. -- more on that later. let's check on traffic. >> take howard beshore alternate as their is a club -- take howard as your alternate as there is a closure in the mulberry area. the west side at liberty has volume building. bad a couple of other problems to mention, there is a water main break near saratoga. and the drive times are looking good for the accident. that is the latest. over to you. press and our big story this morning. the end of a political era is being f
. the storms are not done with us yet. >> for the up-to-the minimum details we head straight to bob in the storm center. what are we going to be getting? >> depends where you are. as we saw today, there was some spots but not much rain. boy, if you were underom oefaw those torrential rains, it was like being under a water fall and you can see how thick the air is. we still have a lot of moisture. here is the area that's still under a flood watch. ed into watch until 2:00 in the morning. there are some flood warnings over there in the eastern shore. for some of those heavy rains. there is a batch and it is not only rain but also thunder once again. moving into southern maryland and moving right through charles county and coming up northern st. mary's county. l of these rains do contain some very, very heavy -- storms do not contain very, very heavy rains. they will be movin through prince george's county. we will keep an eye on things. look at how much rain fell in silver spring. that was just a matter of minutes. over two minutes. over two inches. so when that comes through, it does
morning, obviously, ann thompson of cnbc in hyannis port bringing us the news. john harwood is our chief washington correspondent and joins us in d.c. today. john, people are going to immediately turn, at least in the business world, to try and answer questions about what this means for the liberal agenda, business policy going forward. do you see any effects in the short to medium term? >> i doubt it, carl. you know, ted kennedy is, as that statement from barack obama said, the foremost legislator of this time. his career had incredible impact for decades. his family had an even greater impact for an even longer period of time. he's one of 60 votes in the senate. there are many like-minded senators. there are strong committee chairs trying to move health legislation and i think democrats will try to use the emotie emotional bounce and umph from this moment and the grief people are feeling to try to propel this initiative forward. but i don't see a very, very large impact in the short-term or the medium term. democrats are going to end up with another senator from massachusetts, whenever
, right and center agrow on, scare tactics have been used. >> cannot have a government program that is going to pull the plug on grandma. >> republicans have a better solution that will not put seniors in a position of being put to death by their government. >> a lot of people are going to die. this program of government options is going to kill people. >> and no one's trying to scare people with sound bites. i don't know any leaders in the house and the senator who have done that. yeah, strike two. then there was strike three. a republican party mailer being sent across the country with was surfaced online today. called the 2009 future of american health care survey and it claims to be a friendly questionnaire about health care, sent by, rnc chairman michael steele who promises that, of course, no one's trying to scare people, the survey questions about house reform include, "it has been suggested that the government could use voter re h registration. prompting fears that gop voters might be discriminated against for medical treatment in a democratic imposed health care ratio
acclaim. in front of black and white audiences struggle to write the nation's moral compass, he brought us the common tragedy of racism, reconciliation, and the joys of everyday life. the man would near the character and would advance the nation's dialogue on race and respect. chita rivera. from stage to screen, she has captured america's imagination with their magnetic presence and radiant voice. over a career that has spanned a half century, she has received numerous accolades for her performances including two tony awards, six nominations, and the kennedy center honors award. as perilous as any to an open would west side story" -- she is broken traditions and inspired women to follow in her footsteps. we honor her for her lifetime of achievement as one of america's great artists. mary robinson. for mary robinson, the fight to end discrimination and suffering is an urgent moral imperative. she has been a trail blazing crusader for women's rights in ireland and an advocate for equality and human rights around the world. whether courageously visiting poverty stricken regions were working t
than most of us were asked to endure. >> massachusetts governor said today that he supports a plan that would allow him to appoint someone to kennedy's now vacant seat for the five months that it takes to set up a special election. there are some signs that the plan may be weakening in the legislature. that could give supporters of health reform one more democratic vote when and if it ever comes to the senate floor. derrick, back to you. >> thank you so much for that. and we have much more on senator edward kennedy on our website, wusa9.com. there you'll find a is slide show of his life, plus video of the kennedy tribute and the senator's speech at the 2008 democratic national convention. there's also written and video statements from president obama and other politicians about senator kennedy's passing and you'll find it all again on our website, wusa9.com. perhaps you would like to share your thoughts about the passing of senator kennedy. we invite you to do that. send them to mcginty's mail bag. the address, mailbag@wusa9.com. >>> and topper shutt is here with that first foreca
of the most effective and dominant lawmakers in u.s. history succumbs to brain cancer at the age of 77. >> i love this country. i believe in the bright light of hope and possibility. i always have, even in the darkest hours. i know what america can achieve. i've seen it. i've lived it. >> this is the cbs "morning news" for wednesday, august 26th, 2009. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm michelle gielan. the lion of the senate has been silenced. senator ted kennedy passed away last night following a battle with brain cancer. he was 77 years old and died at the family home in hyannisport. he was the last surviving son of a glamorous but tortured political family who spent half a century in the senate fighting for those who need. we are in washington with more. tara, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. word of kennedy's death came this morning in a brief statement from his family who said his faith, perseverance and optimism will live on. massachusetts senator edward kennedy died at his home in hianis surrounded by loved one after a year-long battle with
waited for hours at the u.s. capitol so they could say a final good-bye. you are looking at a live picture this evening. we will return there in a moment but we begin our coverage this evening in boston, where president obama was joined by three former presidents, dozens of members of congress, and the kennedy family for a funeral mass. national correspondent jim axelrod is there. jim. >> reporter: jeff, the kennedy family chose this church because of its special meaning to senator kennedy as a place of hope and optimism. they wanted an uplifting farewell. ted kennedy's casket was met by an honor guard and escorted into the basilica of our laeld of perpetual help, where his widow and children were joined by 1500 mourners. >> we pray for our dear friend and brother, ted kennedy. >> reporter: in many ways, it had all the trappings of a state funeral-- former presidents, senators and cabinet secretaries movie stars, and world-famous musicians. all gathered in an ornate church a eulogy from the sitting president. >> he was given the gift of time that his brothers were not and he used t
. ♪ ave maria >> he was given the gift of time and he used that gift to right as many wrongs as the years would allow. >> while it may have posed a challenge to my physical health it propped up my emotional health because it kept my father by my bedside. >> i love you, dad. i always will. i miss you already. ♪ for beautiful >> thank you for sharing the senator and so much of his life with us. >> just a few of the memorable moments from the funeral mass and buehrle for senator ted -- and burial for senator ted kennedy. >> 11 news washington bureau reporter nicole killion has our story. >> we begin in the name of the father and the son and the holy spirit. >> family and friends of edward kennedy gathered for one last time to say good-bye. the senator's final words read in a letter, he said, to the pope just before he died. >> i know that i have been an imperfect human being, but with the help of my faith, i have tried to right my path. >> they capped off a day of farewell that through the streets of washington included an emotional stop at the nation's capitol. >> this country outpoured
. they will be on display at the memorial. netanyahu used the occasion to refer to lessons that should be learned from the holocaust. >> it does not happen because the main civilized power of the powers of the day did not act in time to stop the arming of barbarism and armed barbarism knows now limits and has to be unarmed, disarmed in time. >> reporter: netanyahu also said that he expected chancellor merkel to take a strong stand against iran's nuclear ambitions. he said iran posed a direct threat to israel's security. merkel said germany is prepared to take a tougher line with iran if that becomes necessary. >> translator: iran has been asked to participate in negotiations. if they fail to respond to these requests, we will consider stronger sanctions in the energy sector and other appropriate sectors such as the financial sector. in fact, we will not merely consider this, we will discuss with the international community how best to implement these sanctions. >> reporter: merkel said netanyahu should show more flexibility and ott issue of settlements on palestinian land. germany has called on israel
was the leading liberal champion in the senate, and we used to get in some tremendous rows, but in the end we were able to put together some tremendous bills in history. >> if you read the op-ed pages and have conversations with people in politics, the word soul comes up a lot. the world says the democratic party has lost its soul. do you agree with that assessment, and if that's the case, how does one replace its soul? >> he was larger in death than he was in life. teddy was pragmatic and practical. he loved the democratic party and was passionate. obviously, we've lost a great champion in all of this. but he would take um branbrage. he would expect us to get up this morning, get battling, decide what we needed to do, sit down with our friends on the other side like orren and i have on many issues and get the job done. we don't have the luxury of sitting back and wall lowing in our own grief. one of the great tributes of teddy was his like ability. people liked him. also was his ability to overcome adversity. >> when i was up there seeing old friends in massachusetts politics, they say it's incre
in our public life. and millions of americans, hundreds of us who were affected by his personal touch. >> he was the youngest of nine, and kennedy was at the helm of the famous family, staring them through rough waters of personal tragedy. tributes for the senator are now revealed. it is motorcade will take his body to the john f. kennedy library where he will lie in repose until friday. the funeral will take place in boston on saturday, where family and world leaders, including president obama, will honor the man and his legacy. he was remembered for his love of country, family, and to see his powerful voice tnow silenced will be one that echoes long after his death. two weeks ago, his sister, eunice kennedy shriver passed away. >> senator kennedy is remembered as one of the most influential senators of our time. president barack obama says the country has lost a great leader. >> in the united states senate, i can think of no one who engendered greater respect or affection from members of both sides of the aisle. his extraordinary life on this earth has come to an end. an extraordina
to find new leaders, if we can do so, to replace a man who occupied that space all by himself. >> you use the word leader. not only was h a person who believed very strongly in his principles, but he was able to get things done in accordance with those principles, i a s gu a u'sthes tatarhema erkf leader. what w the qtyli that you think was -- that made him so etole g t hings done? >> now you're talking about the kennedy magic. here was a man firmly planted on the left. and yet, this is the same man who was more successful than any other. in creating an agreement and a consensus to bring those issues home. if he were there now, health care would not be in the frenzied state it is. we want to d t remember tne to edkey.nnkenn we ought to pass this billvegiem niveng meaning to s ttuhenareig ltsue of his life, hh eareca for the nation. >> well, congress woman eleanor holmes norton. thank you so much for talking with us on this day. thank you. >> of course. bye-bye. >> bye-bye. >>> ted kennedy spent more than half of his life as a member of the u.s. senate. he left a memorable mark on his cou
contributed to us in our country. >> reporter: more than 50 of kennedy's colleagues plan to pay their respects here before saturday's funeral. all the living form of presidents are expected to attend the service and president obama will speak. >>> earlier, the kennedy family, they gathered for a private mass at the compound. and kennedy's wife, children, along with scores of nieces and nephews and grandchildren watched while this was placed in the hearse. they knew him as uncle teddy, but his aspirations touched young people who never met him. >> we should all be able to do something good if we feel like that is in the country and not just standby. >> reporter: the next few days will be filled with tributes. then the last kennedy brother will be laid to rest at arlington national cemetery. speaking at tomorrow night's private memorial service which is being built as a celebration of kennedy's vice president joe biden and vice republican john cain showing to force real friendships with the folks who didn't necessarily always agree with him. in boston, karen brown, nine news now and wusa9.com. >
will notice an increase in clouds and eventually rain coming at us from the northwest as we head to the weekend and from potentially what would be tropical storm danny. show you what to expect today. looking good. we just picked up to that forecasted 76 for the 9:00 hour. we will top off around 90 today. no rain in the forecast. good morning. >> that's good news. because i got some bad news. man, i wish we could always match up the weather and traffic reports. but fortunately when bad stuff happens things that can slow you down i'm here to tell you about it. to northwest dc where we have a power outage reported. this is near independence avenue by the botanical gardens, that area. if you are heading that way use caution and be prepared to do the four-way stop. if the lights are out, that's the rule. between seminary and king street, we have crash activity here. and it is taking away two right lanes. we know drivers are crawling along, backed up to the capital beltway for now. past this point slow pentagon to the 14th street bridge. next take it over to 66 and show you the eastbou
, the happy thought emerged of using part of these two letters to commemorate the faith of ted kennedy and the warm and paternal spirit of pope benedict xvi. i want to quote from that letter. it begins "most holy father, i asked president obama to personally hand deliver this letter to you. as a man of deep faith himself, he unders how important my roman catholic faith is to me and i am so deeply grateful to him. i hope this letter finds you in good health. i pray that you have all of god's blessings as you lead our church and inspire our world during these challenging times. i am writing with deep humility to ask that you pray for me as my own health declines. i was diagnosed with brain cancer more than a year ago, and although i continue treatment, the disease is taking its toll on me. i'm 77 years old, and preparing for the next passage of life. i have been blessed to be part of a wonderful family and both of my parents, particularly my mother, kept our catholic faith at the center of our lives. that gift of faith has sustained and nurtured and provides solace to me in the darkest h
and a lot more than leadership, they left us you. as maybe your pop would say, because of you, the dream still lives. thank you for the honor of allowing me to be with you. >>> our final speaker is senator kennedy's loving niece. i've had the privilege of introducing her to this stage many times and i'm pleased to do it now. the president of the kennedy library foundation, caroline kennedy. >>> thank you, mr. vice president and all the speakers tonight of the gift of teddy you have given to all of us. thank you, vicki, for loving him with all your heart for so many years and bringing him so much happiness. and to cara, teddy, patrick, kik, caroline for making him so proud, bringing him so much joy, and to jean, i know you lost your soulmate because you and teddy lived your entire lives your life and all your nieces and nephews are here to help you as best we can. welcome to this library teddy built and brought to life with his spirit and dedication to public service. as many of you know over the last few years, or really for most of my semi-adult life, one of my parttime jobs has been in
megan mcgrath is joining us live from capitol hill with reaction. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, eun. the death of senator edward kennedy having a huge impact here on capitol hill. only two other u.s. senators have served longer than kennedy. he was a man with tremendous influence. he was also very well liked and respected by his colleagues, all of his colleagues, although he was known as the liberal lion of the senate, senator kennedy had no problem reaching across the aisle. he worked with conservatives, moderates and liberals alike. we are getting reaction this morning regarding his death. senate majority leader harry reid says, quote, it was the thrill of my work with ted kennedy. he was a friend, the model of publ servin a amendncari a icon. as we mourn his loss, with rededicate himself to theau cses to which cifut dlyul dutifully feiflis . senate kennedy stands wlihit th most patriotic men and wichl women t erve ser in these lls. s nancyi posil says he had a grand orvi fs america and an inparalleled work for change. he had deep concern for the least among us. no on
and medicaid. >> i think it is a fabulous legacy for him, and something all of us in maryland and around the country might be -- should be quite thankful for. senator ben cardin says that his skills were key to legislation that changed our nation for ever, including the civil rights act of 1964, the voting rights act of 1965, the americans with disabilities act, title 9, education reform, and increases in the minimum wage. >> these are legacies of senator kennedy. there are so many things we can look at in our daily lives where he had a positive influence. >> there are currently thousands of children enrolled in medicaid. reporting from the studio, wbal tv 11 news. >> and tonight, nbc nightly news will be extended to a full hour. it begins at 6:30. an in-depth look of senator kennedy's life and the impact he had over five decades. it is a full hour of nightly news, immediately following the newscast. >> into night's -- in tonight's project economy report, more than 200 state employees will lose their jobs. john sherman joins us with more. >> this is the sixth time this year the o'malley
>>>captions provided by: real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. >>> the waves are unbelievable. >> storm sweep through the east coast. we'll show you how the rough surf is affecting the weekend. >> his brothers were not. he used that gift to touch many lives and right as many wrongs as the years would allow vment >>reporter: a final farewell for edward kennedy. how thousands paid their respects. >>> warm and muggy today. a cooldown is headed our way. i'll tell you when the 70s arrive in the full forecast. >>> smart strategies for the state fair. we'll show you, play and win. >>> live in high-definition from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00. >>> good evening. i'm jeff abell karen has the evening off. >>> americans spent this day saying goodbye to senator ted kennedy. first, with a funeral in massachusetts, followed by boston and washington. the senator was laid to rest just feet from his two slain brothers. jennifer davis is in washington with more. >>reporter: in massachusetts, they memorialize edward kennedy, the man.
ted kennedy dies of brain cancer, and will advocates of healthcare reform try to use kennedy's death to boost their cause? a former c.i.a. inspector general talks about dick cheney's influence in his report on enhanced interrogations and south carolina's embattled governor answered a call from list second in command to step down. all that, plus the fox all-stars, right here, right now. welcome to washington. i'm he bret baier. senator edward kennedy is being remembered are today as an iconic larger than life figure who was the anchor of america's first family of politics. kennedy died tuesday night at his cape cod home a little more than a year after being diagnosed with brain cancer. it was the final chapter in a he very public and often troubled life. >> at the end of our journey and always before us shines that ideal of liberty and justice for all. >> not by his own choosing, edward kennedy became the surrogate patriarch of a political dynasty, his life a series of triumphs an losses, all positions prominently in the public eye. he was the youngest of nine children, and by the ear
of dollar, this is a good pick. >> terry: it is risky. that is going to do it for us. thanks for joining us. have a great widen weekend. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. we are just getting videotape of a crash of a belo russian fighter jet. it happened in poland. it was performing maneuvers. we're going to try to get more information. we're also hearing from police regard the jadee dugard kidnapping case. they are focusing their investigation on two suspects, philip garrido and his wife. they are digging in the backyard where jaycee and two daughters were allegedly being kept in a makeshift compound of tents and sheds and a whole lot more. we're going to continue follow what is happening. we'll bring that you news conference as soon as it begins. >>> another fox news alert. wildfires in california threatening 12,000 homes. 6,000 of those homeowners are under mandatory evacuation order as the flames are closing in. the unpredictable fire is spreading in all directions. schwarzenegger says 2200 firefighters are battling the flames and he is urging them to heed authorities' warnings. live from ca
, massachusetts. during his nearly five decades on capitol hill, kennedy served alongside ten u.s. presidents vigorously championing causes such as health care and civil rights, earning him the nickname the lion of the senate. michelle franzen has our report. >> reporter: good evening. short time ago senator john kerry, who just left the kennedy compound, came out to give a statement. he said that the family is having, obviously, a difficult time today but they are pulling together and holding a private vigil tonight. this compound served as a retreat and at age 77, senator nnedy was the patriarch of a dynamic family dynasty that captured america's attention for more than a half century. tributes poured in today for a towering figure in american politics. s are zpents visitors in hyannis port left flowers for senator kennedy near the family compound. a summer haven, now in grief, along with the nation. >> regardless of what people thought about ted's political ideas, they are going to hurt. because they lost a gat guy. >> reporter: at the family compound, a steady stream of family members. ke
with a burial here in arlington national cemetery. megan mcgrath joins us with more. good morning. >> reporter: senator edward kennedy will be buried with congressional honors saturday evening. an army firing party will fire a volley and a bugler will play "taps" during the ceremony. visitors will be able to go to arlington. it will be open on saturday. but they will be kept away from the kennedy burial site. he was a son o massachusetts. but the liberal lion spent much of his time at his second home here in washington. ted kennedy's years in the senate along with his two years in the army qualify him for burial at arlington national m cemetery much his grave expected to be 95 feet south wrf the eternal flame burns in memory of john f. kennedy. also buried at the site, brother robert. >> the hope rises again. >> reporter: while ted kennedy spent much of his life in the public eye, his burial service will be private with only family and friends in attendance. visitors wishing to see other parts of the cemetery will be able to do so but will be kept site. and robert e. lee house on the hill al
what had to be done. that is what teddy would do. >> thanks for joining us. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm laura evans. senator kennedy lost his battle with brain cancer in his massachusetts home overnight. tom fitzgerald is here now with a look back at the life and legacy of the man who was the kennedy family patriarch. >> reporter: last spring when he endorsed barack obama's presidential campaign, senator edward kennedy invoked his brother's inauguration speech saying the torch would be passed again to a new generation. his own torch may have dimmed a final time but the glow of his remarkable life was the stuff of an american political legend. ary 2nd, 1932, the2n un geyostonnif e kennedy which were. he was destinenito step out of the shadees on of his famous brothers and lead the kennedy clan through good times and bad. >> i dojohn fitzgerald kennedy -- >> when john f. kennedy was elected the 35th president, 30- year-old ted kennedy ran for a seat in 1962. democratic strategist peter finn worked on kennedy's first campaign. >> he was criticized by many in the democratic establishment,
can hear, just hitting us here at the area. spectacular launch of "discovery. ""continues on now. ten minutes from now they'll have main engine shutoff. the shuttle "discovery" will be in orbit chasing down the international space station. it will take 2 1/2 days to get there. they'll catch up with the space station and begin the 13-day mission. spectacular night launch, here, erica, well worth waiting for. "discovery's" seven-member crew on its way. >> to see it light up the night sky quite the way to start up your weekend. saturday, at this point in florida where you are. historic for a lot of reasons, not only as we're watching this nighttime launch here. first time two latino astronauts have been onboard a space shuttle. you mentioned the seven astronauts as well. one of them will be staying at the international space station. nicole stott. she's a flight engineer. another one will be arriving home. >> reporter: they're changing out. this will be the last time, another sign the shuttle program is ending, erica, the last time an astronaut will fly to the international space station
>>> good morning. thursday. friday almost here. thank you for joining us. i'm megan pringle. >> i'm jamie costello. week going by in a hurry. what do you have coming up? >> we've been talking about your kids, talking about going back to school one thing, going back to school for some kids, it's exciting, you prepare, what are you going to wear, eat, school supplies. for other kids, whether it's a new school or the same old school there's a lot of anxiety that comes with it. we're going to get down to where that comes from and how you can take care of it. what parents need to do to help their kids. >>> hopefully somebody won't bother your kid at school this year. what makes a bully tick? how do you stop it from getting out of hand? we'll explain. it's not only in person but on-line now. a lot of bullying going on on-line. >> television changed since mr. rogers. we're talking about that. texting. computers. >> don't you hate that? what are you doing? oh, texting. unplug your kids for a moment. don't you hate it when they whip it out at the dinner table or family function and they a
, and for those who cannot find private insurance, the public insurance option is important, and it allows us to have a barometer to make sure we can keep costs down. host: california is on the line, democrats line. caller: thank you for taking my call. i have a couple of points and then the question or two. host: will you keep it brief? caller: i will. what are you going to do to try to curb the disruptive mob-type incursions that are happening at the town hall meetings? it seems like the methods will be lost in the shuffle with all the disruptive behavior going on. the next thing is, as far as health care reform is concerned, we desperately needed this. my personal views are that unless we have universal health care, i do not think that on a global basis we will ever be able to compete with other countries in the marketplace. however, that is not practical, it will not happen, i realize this. but a public option or some type of health insurance exchange is desperately needed. health reform is needed. host: how about that question, please? caller: will you please do what we sent you guys to
's life and work, senator orrin hatch of utah, and christopher dodd of connecticut who joins us by telephone. senator dodd, let me begin, you and senator hatch, had the great privilege of eulogizing your friend at the memorial service friday night. you waved as you pulled up. you were still scribbling notes, edits on your speech. talk about the moment. you have given so many speeches in your life. what made this one unique? >> well, john. first of all thank you for doing this. the difficulty was it is so personal. how do you express in eight, ten minutes. tried to keep it brief. how do you capture 30 years of friendship in eight minutes. particularly someone who the relationship goes far beyond just the personal. i sat next to him for almost 25 years in that health education labor committee. we were partners in policy. we are great friends personally. got to know his children, his family, intimately and well. so trying to capture all of that in a sense is one of the hardest things you ever have to do. >> so senator hatch as you put this together. what did you have to leave out t
and claimed two lives. then come the other news of the day: a look at the u.s. angle to landslide victory by the opposition party in japan; a paul solman take on those millions of americans still looking for work; a debate about appointing an interim senator to fill edward kennedy's seat; and some perspective on how the news media is covering the health care debate. major funding for the newshour with jim lehrer is provided by: >> tiny little thing, it's just... not big. ah... okay, i found it. ( cheers and applause ) okay. >> we are intel, sponsors of tomorrow. >> this is the engine that connects abundant grain from the american heartland to haran's best selling wheat, while keeping 60 billion pounds of carbon out of the atmosphere every year. bnsf, the engine that connects us. >> chevron. this is the power of human energy. the national science foundation. supporting education and research across all fields of science and engineering. and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and b
supported statehood from the very beginning. he believed in us. he said that d.c. should not be the nation's last colony. >> reporter: jenkins walked up to kennedy and barack obama last year at american university. >> and i went right up to them and they -- informed me enthusiasticallyhat yes, we support full statehood. >> we will hear more about local people who fell the kennedy impact right here in the nation's capital. wendy, back to you. >> tom sherwood, thanks, tom. >>> senator kennedy was a true champion of health care. one of his life's long goals was to achieve universal health care for america. a goal he would never see completed. it was one year ago that he spoke about that at the democratic national convention. >> and this is the cause of my life. new hope. that we will break the old gridlock and guarantee that every american, north, south, east, west, young, old will have decent quality health care as a fundamental right and not a privilege. >> kennedy's colleagues and congress continue to grapple with what the late senator called the cause of his life. and lawmakers are saying
cemetery. senator kennedy is reunited with his brothers at last. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm will thomas. >> i'maureen umeh. tonight'surial capped off four days of heart-tugging remembrances from boston to d.c. we have coverage for you. matt ackland is live at arlington national cemetery to get us started. matt? >> reporter: maureen, what an outpouring of love and support for the late senator. his body arrived at and uses -- andrews air force base this afternoon and then taken to the u.s. capitol for a short service there. the procession went through the district for the last time, over the memorial bridge and here to arlington cemetery. the senator was buried where he wanted to be, next to his two brothers. as the late senator's body touched down at andrews air force base, the final leg of the long goodbye began. under police escort, kennedy's casket was escorted first to the united states capitol building for a short service at the foot of the senate steps and as the hearse pulled into sight, thousands of hill staffers and membe of the public began to applaud. kennedy's l
speech, and that was on the question of civil rights. i have seen what discrimination at home does to us. this is not a political issue. it is a moral issue. >> i was very conscious that that whole move to strike down the barriers of race, was perhaps the most difficult crisis that the country has come to grips with. and the president wanted to make the progress in civil rights, recognized the moment in terms of american history, so was a very emotional time with the lunch counter sit-ins, the dogs, biting at students from george wallace, and the school house door, with calling out the national guard in southern states. >> go home! >> and it was a time when there really had to be strong presidential leadership. >> we are confronted primarily with a moral issue. it is as old as the scriptures and is as clear as the american constitution. >> president kennedy was the one that called it the greatest moral issue that we face, the first president to do so. and i think that that really goes back to the time of my mother's sort of teaching, and the lessons that she was able to give to us, in te
is scheduled for saturday at a boston church where senator kennedy used to pray for his daughter when she had cancer. he will be laid to rest at arlington. he will lie next to several kennedy's including his brothers. there's much more on his life and passing at foxnews.com. we have an interactive timeline there. there are some pretty special images of the kennedy family. much more on the staff of senator kennedy, we will go live to the family compound and look back at some of the most memorable speeches. first, some of the day's other news including a warning about what the taliban as new leader in pakistan may be planning. that warning is next. n diabetics on medicare. hello, i'm john fox---you may know that i'm a professional bass fisherman. but you may not know that i have diabetes. and it's never slowed me down thanks to the good folks at liberty medical. i've been a liberty medical patient for years and have relied on them for all my diabetic needs. and, if you call now you'll receive a free meter. it's easy to use with fast results. even the shipping is free and medicare may cover the
the service will be held. they have done a security check all morning long. what can you tell us about what is going on there this morning? >> good morning. families and members of congress are meeting here at the library. we want to show you a live picture of the widow of ted kennedy. she is reading some of the delegates today from the house and the senate. they will make their way out to the church in a short time. the boisterous senator from massachusetts and the youngest of nine in the kennedy family, suddenly had a special connection to this place where he came when his daughter was getting treated for cancer and then returned when he was diagnosed with cancer. now, once again, he returns. to more senator ted kennedy's upset and celebrate his life. a high mass at this boston church. president barack obama will deliver the eulogy. on the eve of the funeral, colleagues and family gathered for a private memorial at the jfk library. an emotional night and those who knew him best. a lifelong friend. >> [unintelligible] be at peace my friend. >> to colleagues on both sides of the aisle. >> i
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